Working with integrity

Working with integrity means doing the right thing, even when no one is watching. It also means doing what we say we are going to do.

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We would rather miss out on an opportunity than compromise our integrity. By working with integrity, we build trust.

About this Section

Our Code guides us on doing the right thing. Of course we must comply with the laws of our host countries and relevant international laws – often our standards at OceanaGold are higher than the law.

We also recognise that handling unethical requests can create significant pressure on individuals, especially in business-critical processes, and we actively support our colleagues in managing these situations.

Working with integrity means we follow our policies and standards. We seek approval when required. We ask if we are unsure what to do.

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Corruption & dishonesty

We want to contribute and succeed fairly and honestly. We do not give, accept, ask for, offer or authorise anything that might improperly influence a decision.

Giving & receiving

We contribute and build relationships through mutual respect and transparency. Giving and receiving must never improperly influence ours or others’ decisions.

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Conflicts of interest

We take care that our decisions in our work are not influenced by interests which could conflict with OceanaGold’s.

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Fair dealing

We compete fairly and succeed on merit.

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Privacy & personal information

We collect, use, store and dispose of personal information responsibly and legally.

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Our assets

We protect and respect OceanaGold’s assets and use them only for proper business purposes.

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Insider information

We handle insider information responsibly and do not engage in insider trading. We do not use confidential or insider information for personal gain for ourselves or others.

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