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We recognise our role in respecting and safeguarding the distinct unique rights, interests and connections to land and waters of Indigenous Peoples.

We have chosen to use the term “Indigenous Peoples” because it is the globally accepted term when talking about Indigenous groups as a collective. We acknowledge that this language does not capture the unique identity of specific communities.

We recognise Indigenous Peoples’ right to self-determination – to freely determine their political status and freely pursue their economic, social and cultural development – including their right to express how they should be referred to.

Working with others

Our communities and environment are key to our success.

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We strive to create a positive legacy in the communities where we operate by building relationships and partnerships that deliver sustainable outcomes.

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We commit to responsible environmental management and strive to protect the environment.

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Human rights

We commit to respect human rights in all our interactions.

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Communicating externally

We communicate respectfully and transparently about our activities, operations and performance.

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Our suppliers

We work collaboratively with our suppliers to do business with integrity and accountability.

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Government & civil society

We are committed to genuine dialogue and respectful engagement with governments and civil society.